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Meet Ms. Tameka

Who is

Tameka Anderson aka “Ms. Tameka” has been dubbed America’s F.U.N. Coach because that’s what she brings. Loads of FUN!

She combined her love for children, healthy family relationships, and arts to develop a method called “F.U.N. Method” which is an acronym for Families Understanding Needs because she wants to help families have FUN while meeting the needs of each member in the family unit.

When she started her first summer camp years ago, she wanted to create a place where children felt three things: seen, heard, and loved. So she practiced smiling at each child who walked through her door then it led to her having a conversation with each child that led to her helping them craft amazing stories for their friends and family at the end of each week.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. The children began to communicate more effectively. Parents would line up after summer camp to speak with her about advice on how to implement what she was teaching the children and that’s when Parenting Confident Kids was born.

Now she helps families all around the globe raise children who excel in all areas of life through the art of storytelling.